Amanda stockwell

Amanda Stockwell is an experienced user experience research and strategy consultant. She has focused most of the last decade on finding innovative ways to understand end users and embed that knowledge into the design process and business strategy of companies large and small.

She frequently writes and speaks about all things user experience research and strategy and has an engineering degree from Tufts University. 

L&E Research, a marketing research firm of 32 years, takes great measures to partner with only the best in qualitative research services, and Amanda Stockwell is a great example of this. Amanda has facilitated focus groups and Usability Research for our clients, and is a talented vendor that we have trusted with our largest and most valued clients (i.e. multi-billion dollar CPG companies). Feedback from our clients confirm that she is quite skilled and capable of facilitating in-person qualitative sessions.
— Charlene Randall, Vice President, Strategic Accounts at L&E Research
I had the great fortune to work with Amanda Stockwell at Staples, where we were both part of the Usability team. We supported the e-commerce side of the business, and were responsible for enhancing the usability of and all mobile properties.
In her time at Staples, Amanda conducted a wide variety of different types of customer-focused research – both in-person and online. Amanda showed great skill in all of these efforts, and could be counted on to put customers at ease, get them to undertake whatever tasks were necessary, and collect the feedback needed for each project. She handled individuals and groups with equal skill, and I always had the utmost confidence that any research asked of Amanda would be successfully completed at the highest level of quality.
I strongly recommend Amanda, and hope I’m fortunate enough to work with her myself in the future.
— - Sean Angerman, Senior Human Factors Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific
I have worked with Amanda Stockwell at both Fidelity Investments and iContact; followed her work for other companies; and heard her speak about the field of user experience. She is an enthusiastic UX practitioner. She has gone from working as an interaction designer in a startup, to serving as a UX researcher at Staples, to heading up a UX team and recruiting for various UX positions at 352 Inc., a web development agency. Within the field of user experience, researching users and uncovering their motivations and why they behave the way they do is her greatest strength. She can conduct focus groups at the beginning of design projects to explore product ideas; usability tests throughout the design cycle to evaluate how well the designs work for participants; and surveys to obtain quantitative data about who users are and what they want from a given product. If you give her a design problem - or a question about your product’s users - she’ll know the best way to tackle it. She’s a usability pro.
— Cindy McCracken, UX Research Consultant